AFA Skin Care

AFA Skin Care

A medical grade skin regimen that is physician prescribed and dosed is very different than what is available over the counter or at the department store. The ingredients are much stronger, and most of these products are only available through a physician’s office under the guidance of a doctor. One can think of the above statement as taking over-the-counter Aspirin, for pain versus a physician-prescribed narcotic for pain. A prescription, medical grade skin care regimen, like that available at AFA, can halt and reverse many of these signs of aging while actually growing new collagen to plump up skin and give it more elasticity.

AFA’s unique skin treatment system is custom tailored for your skin. Just like every other treatment at AFA, your skin will be assessed by a medical professional, and recommendations with respect to products and concentrations will be made and your system will be custom-compounded. Examples of conditions that can be treated with AFA’s skin treatment systems include: (a) fine lines, (b) crepe-like skin, (c) dark spots, (d) melasma, (e) large pore size, (f) oily skin, (g) acne, (h) scars, (i) lax skin

AFA’s skin system is broken down into 4 categories:

The average cost of a complete skin care system is between $150 -250 for a 60 day supply, though some of the products may last longer than 2 months. Patients can see results as soon as 1-2 weeks, and the results will continue and improve as long as you continue to adhere to the system. Some patients have been on the system for longer than 10 years and have truly been able to turn the clock back.

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