AFA was created to become Houston’s first premier cosmetic center, directed by a physician, dedicated to the comprehensive clinical care of face and neck, from analysis and diagnosis to customized advice and treatments that range from surgical procedures to cosmetic products selection, including medical (non-invasive) treatments, surgical treatments, skin care, and cosmetics. We offer the full spectrum of treatments from skin care and facials all the way to surgical procedures. To help you navigate through the vast array of treatments, we have created the Athré Facial Aesthetics Aesthetic Blueprint.

Athré Facial Aesthetics Aesthetic Blueprint
The Aesthetic Blueprint is a customized treatment plan that serves as a guideline for aesthetic treatments recommended specifically for you. The Athré Aesthetic Blueprint outlines a comprehensive plan that is broken down into 3 levels of treatment.

Level 1 Treatments
Pharmaceutical- grade skin care products and physician-overseen skin treatments.

Level 2 Treatments
Noninvasive medical treatments such as fillers and BOTOX.

Level 3 Treatments
Surgical treatments that include both local procedures and general anesthesia procedures.