Botox Step by Step

What is Botox?Botox is a trade name for botulinum toxin A. In this way, Botox is related to botulism. Botulism is a form of food poisoning. Botulinum toxin A is one of the neurotoxins (a neurotoxin is a toxin that acts specifically on nervous tissue) produced by Clostridium botulinum.Botox injections are the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure … Continue reading Botox Step by Step

Seaweed can do Amazing Things for Your Skincare

One of the problems with skincare is that it is often too late to repair the damage done when it appears on our face or body. Or at the very least, the cost is greater, the road to recovery longer, and more invasive or stronger repair methods are needed.Try Seaweeds, topically applying these have endless benefits! … Continue reading Seaweed can do Amazing Things for Your Skincare

Overview of Plastic Surgery

If you are considering plastic surgery to change your appearance, you should know about plastic surgery from both an historical and a current point of view.   As an elective surgery, plastic surgery doesn’t often get the objective coverage it should. Proponents crow about the positive effects while critics argue the opposite. Rarely does either group … Continue reading Overview of Plastic Surgery

Don’t Get Caught Up in Fad Diets

You are tired of the jokes and the odd looks people give you. It is embarrassing, and you need to address your weight problem as soon as possible. Read this article and “Don’t Get Caught Up in Fad Diets!”  You will find some of the best weight loss tips that exist for somebody living in … Continue reading Don’t Get Caught Up in Fad Diets

The Motivation for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. So, why is this and what is motivating people to pursue it?

Most Popular Answers from Raghu Athre, MD

Is revision rhino with septal grafts permanent? Why do all doctors mention long-term results and not permanent ones? Will grafts eventually reabsorb?

Is Your Skincare as Pure as It Can Be?

To achieve more radiant skin and a beautiful complexion, it is vital to use only the purest skincare products, particularly those made only with raw, living, and natural ingredients. In this article, I explain why this is the best external skincare possible. Together with a healthy diet, right lifestyle, and a positive mental attitude, it helps … Continue reading Is Your Skincare as Pure as It Can Be?

Common Hair Loss Causes

One of the most worrying aspects of hair loss treatment is the tendency of so many people to seek solutions without first determining what has caused their loss in the first place.

Nose Reshaping: Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you are like me, you are spending a lot of time in front of your mirror, judging your face. While every face (ok, maybe not Marilyn Monroe’s) has its flaws, none is more prominent than an unshapely nose. No wonder that nose reshaping is popular in Houston, TX. Rhinoplasty has steadily been one of the most … Continue reading Nose Reshaping: Rhinoplasty Surgery

Facial Autologous: Micro-lipoinjection

Facial Autologous Muscular Injection is also known as Fat Autograft Muscular Injection, as Autologous Fat Injection, as Micro-lipoinjection, as Fat Transfer, or as Facial Autologous Mesenchymal Integration, abbreviated as FAMI.