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Reduced Swelling after Surgery

Would you like decreased bruising and swelling after surgery?

As you know or are probably aware, swelling, bruising, etc after surgery is the bane of my existence. In an ideal world, I wish I could operate on someone and they could return to work, school, etc the very next day (Keep dreaming!!)

It is true that a lot has been done in the past few years to bring swelling down after a surgical procedure. I, myself, have a detailed conversation with a surgical patient to stop vitamins, stop alcohol, stop Aspirin, etc before surgery and after surgery. Another part of minimizing bruising and swelling is meticulous surgical technique. This aspect of the case is continuously improving and changing. An example of this is that I now use drains in all my face lifts. This part of the overall procedure is a bit of art and evolves.

The question is: “Is there anything else that can be done?” We have all heard about ice after surgery. It helps bring down bruising and swelling by causing small blood vessels to shrink. I routinely tell my patients to use ice after surgical procedures. But what if we could use ice/cooling perpetually after a surgical procedure? After doing some research I came across an exceptionally novel device. The Aquecool from Aqueduct Medical.

Check it out in action for face lift patients

This device provides continuous cooling for face or breast procedures to minimize bruising and swelling. INGENIOUS! I wish I had thought of it. I see this device as revolutionary, and hopefully it will drastically reduce the down-time associated with facial procedures. A follow-up to this article will be posted once I have seen it in action on my face lift patients!

All photos are from the Aqueduct Medical Website!



Dr. Athré is one of the few cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in Houston who is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, certified in Otolaryngology and Head/Neck Surgery.

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