Swelling After Facial Procedures

The makeover shows on television have resulted in a significant upswing in the popularity of facial plastic surgery procedures. They often fail to show the swelling after facial procedures.Choosing to have plastic surgery is always a big step. More people are deciding to have this permanent form of cosmetic change due to the aging population … Continue reading Swelling After Facial Procedures

Treating Ethnic Skin Conditions

Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 License.Just because a product says it’s a facial cleanser or moisturizer, doesn’t mean it’s the right product for you. Many people think that the same skin care regimen works as well on African Americans and Hispanics as it does on non-ethnic skin types.But according to experts like Dr. Angelo P. … Continue reading Treating Ethnic Skin Conditions

The Motivation for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. So, why is this and what is motivating people to pursue it?Over 14 million pursued plastic surgery in 2005. Why? The reasons are different for many people, but a few common ones are consistently sited.In the past, we were pretty much stuck with what we came … Continue reading The Motivation for Plastic Surgery

Tips For Choosing Man Skin Care Products

Photo Credit: By Min An on Pexels. CC0 LicenseNowadays, men are increasingly taking care of their skin. We have come to realize this is not just about looking good, it’s primarily about health. But realizing this, is just the first step, then the second step becomes a little bit harder. It’s then, when ask the question: What … Continue reading Tips For Choosing Man Skin Care Products

Plastic Surgery Trends

While numerous studies have been done on plastic surgery trends and future outlook, following are my forecast:1. Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients. With increase in gastric bypass surgeries, liposuction surgery may become quite mainstream and a standard post op measure.2. While Rhinoplasty is still the number one face surgery option, chin implants are fast catching up, especially … Continue reading Plastic Surgery Trends

Medical Tourism for Plastic Surgery

Photo Credit: By TheShiv76 on Pixabay. CC0 License“Dallas woman goes to Mexico for plastic surgery, returns to U.S. on life support” CBS This MorningMedical tourism to Mexico and many of the countries in Central America has become a booming business. According to Medical Tourism Magazine, medical tourism is slated to grow at a 25% rate per year … Continue reading Medical Tourism for Plastic Surgery

Volume and its Role in Lower Eyelid Surgery

Anatomy and Aging in the lower eyelid areaThe lower eyelid complex is a complex area consisting of skin, muscle and fat and is one of the first areas that shows aging. Most of the time, the aging is secondary to the downward movement of the cheeks. This makes the lower part of the orbit more … Continue reading Volume and its Role in Lower Eyelid Surgery

Rhinoplasty, The Most Common of Nose Jobs

There is no denying that the nose is a defining feature on the human face. This brings us to the subject of the most common form of rhinoplasty. Besides liposuction, the cosmetic reformation of the nose, known as rhinoplasty, is a hugely popular cosmetic surgical procedure. Many people, both male and female, are unhappy with the … Continue reading Rhinoplasty, The Most Common of Nose Jobs

Botox Injections: Are They For You?

Everybody wants to look beautiful and forever young but as we grow older, loss of the skin’s softness is expected resulting in wrinkles and signs of aging. One way to slow down this visible aging process is through cosmetic therapies and injections. Currently there are a lot of products in the market like botox injections … Continue reading Botox Injections: Are They For You?

Which Form of Vitamin C Does Protect Skin Cells?

Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 LicenseVitamin C is necessary for producing of collagen: a strong connecting cloth, which, literally, retains us in the entire form. Without the collagen we would go to pieces, because this protein retains together the skeleton bones, it fastens muscles to the bones and does not give any opportunity for the … Continue reading Which Form of Vitamin C Does Protect Skin Cells?