Three Factors of Hair Loss

Which are the factors of hair loss? Most of us have heard that too much hat-wearing or poor circulation to the scalp can cause hair loss. Theses cause all have been proven to be myths, and the real causes are stress, health, and hormones.Stress can cause your hair to literally fall out. Usually, the hair … Continue reading Three Factors of Hair Loss

Augmentation for Lips, The Jolie Look

Augmentation for lips? Full lush lips are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to Hollywood movie stars.  The Angelina Jolie look is in, and more women are seeking augmentation for lips. Collagen has, for the longest time, taken claim as the leading agent used for lip enhancement. However, results are temporary and so permanent augmentation for lips … Continue reading Augmentation for Lips, The Jolie Look

Vitamins For Hair Loss Prevention

Vitamins for hair loss prevention? In today’s image-conscious society, physical appearance is more important than ever to a woman’s self-esteem. Imagine the heartache caused when a woman notices her hair thinning? It is estimated that over 25 million women experience thinning hair in the United States. Many are genetically predisposed to the condition. Most wonder … Continue reading Vitamins For Hair Loss Prevention

Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Nose Surgery? If you are like me, you are spending a lot of time in front of your mirror, judging your face. While every face (ok, maybe not Marylyn Monroe) has its flaws, none is more prominent than an unshapely nose. No wonder that Nose Surgery is most popular in Los Angeles Rhinoplasty has steadily … Continue reading Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Hair loss treatments for this summer

Photo Credit: By  Leandro Vendramini On Pexels. CC0 LicenseWhat can be Hair loss treatments this summer? You should not use any of the artificial hair loss treatment products available in the market if you want to keep your hair shiny and natural. Fortunately, there are lots of effective drugs and natural hair loss treatments available for … Continue reading Hair loss treatments for this summer

Male Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery? In this modern society, beauty and looks are valued an awful lot. As a result, men from all walks of life desire plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons. Men typically crave for a perfect nose, a slender waistline, a rejuvenated face, and normal-shaped ears. The key intent is to attain an enhanced look, … Continue reading Male Plastic Surgery

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Photo by averie woodard on  Unsplash . License The Causes of Female Hair Loss Female hair loss? There any many different reasons women might suffer from hair loss. One main cause is when a woman’s body makes more testosterone than it normally does, or maybe certain medical conditions involving their hormones could cause baldness to occur. … Continue reading Female Hair Loss Treatment

How to Remove Scars

Scars are a problem for all the people who wish to look young and smart. A scarred face always troubles us and affects our psychology. Talk to people affected by acne scars all over their face and you will realize the impact of them on self-esteem and confidence.Skin treatment may follow many procedures. That will depend … Continue reading How to Remove Scars

Injectables Like Botox: Alternatives for Wrinkles

Women (and men, too) have been searching for a “cure” for wrinkles for several centuries. The search started long before the FDA approved using Botox injections between the eyes for wrinkle reduction in 2002. Men and women are still searching for that magic wrinkle cure. Injectables like Botox is as close to being the magic … Continue reading Injectables Like Botox: Alternatives for Wrinkles

Rhinoplasty Nose

Sculpting Your Nose with Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty NoseRhinoplasty is surgery on the nose. The procedure can be done for medical reasons, breathing problems, birth defects, or injury, or it may simply be done for aesthetic cosmetic purposes.Rhinoplasty ProceduresThere are two types of rhinoplasty procedures. The first type is known as an open procedure. With an open procedure, … Continue reading Rhinoplasty Nose