A Cure For The Age Old Problem Of Hair Loss

Cure for Hair Loss?Men aren’t the only ones looking for a cure for hair loss. Some women are also affected. One solution is delving into the Internet for answers. Cyberspace will provide you with a number of solutions to this confidence-breaking problem. You can even sift through a variety of reviews posted by individuals who … Continue reading A Cure For The Age Old Problem Of Hair Loss

Is Appearance of Your Ears Bothers You?

Consider surgical solutions for big earsFor many people, the appearance of the ears can be something that generates a lot of self-conscious activity. There are surgical solutions that can let you pursue any haircut you want. There are a number of complaints people have about their ears of which these are only a few: big ears, … Continue reading Is Appearance of Your Ears Bothers You?

Men Plastic Surgery, Happening More and More

Men Plastic Surgery?In this modern society, beauty and looks are valued an awful lot. As a result, men from all walks of life desire plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons. Men typically crave for a perfect nose, a slender waistline, a rejuvenated face, and normal-shaped ears. The key intent is to attain an enhanced look, which … Continue reading Men Plastic Surgery, Happening More and More

All about eyelids

There are a million sayings with respect to the eyes. “The eyes are windows to the soul.” “What the eye does not admire the heart does not desire.” “The eyes see everything but themselves.” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”These are but a few examples of proverbs and sayings regarding the eyes. What … Continue reading All about eyelids

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Before rushing off to have plastic surgery, it is vital that you evaluate different surgeons to find the right choice for your treatment. The evaluation process is important, and you shouldn’t give it short shrift. Part of the evaluation process should be a review of pictures of patients the surgeon has worked on.If a plastic … Continue reading Plastic Surgery Pictures

Propecia, the Queen of Hair Loss Treatment

Photo Credit: By Ivandrei Pretorius On Pexels. CC0 LicensePropecia may sound like a fancy girls name but when it comes to dealing with hair loss she is definitely the Queen of hair restoration medications. Of all the hair loss products on the market, there are only two medications that are approved by the US Food & … Continue reading Propecia, the Queen of Hair Loss Treatment

Microneedling Treatment

Microneedling treatment has been all the rage since Kim Kardashian published her picture of the “Vampire Facelift.” Want to know what Microneedling treatment is? Before we start with what Microneedling treatment is, we must first understand a bit about skin physiology.The Basics of Skin PhysiologySkin is made up of millions of pores. If you looked at … Continue reading Microneedling Treatment

Aesthetic Surgery, Risks or Benefits

Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash. LicenseAesthetic or Cosmetic or surgery, as the name suggests, is performed for aesthetic reasons. Although certain medical conditions might suggest the need for reconstructive plastic surgery, aesthetic plastic surgery is primarily carried out to alter and beautify features that the patient finds unappealing. While some people go in for it … Continue reading Aesthetic Surgery, Risks or Benefits

Paying for Your Plastic Surgery

Paying your Plastic surgery?  Plastic Surgery is almost always an elective surgery unless there is an underlying medical reason. As such, your medical insurance is probably not going to cover it, which means you must.Paying for Your Plastic SurgeryUnless you can make some unique argument to your health insurance company, it is going to refuse … Continue reading Paying for Your Plastic Surgery

Three Factors of Hair Loss

Which are the factors of hair loss? Most of us have heard that too much hat-wearing or poor circulation to the scalp can cause hair loss. Theses cause all have been proven to be myths, and the real causes are stress, health, and hormones.Stress can cause your hair to literally fall out. Usually, the hair … Continue reading Three Factors of Hair Loss